The Harvester corn/pellet burning stove is a safe, easy to use heat source that will add beauty and warmth to any home
The Harvester corn stove is the perfect choice for
economical home heating.  While prices of propane, electricity, and natural gas have fluctuated in the past, the price of corn has remained relitivily constant.  Corn is an annual renewable heat source unlike wood which can take a lifetime to grow.  The Harvester multi-fuel stove is versatile  with the capability of burning corn or wood pellets.
How it works...
The Harvester stove is designed for safety, efficiency, and ease of opertion.  Our state-of-the-art control panel automatically controls the functions of the stove. Corn or wood pellets are simply placed into the hopper.The fuel is automatically fed into the firebox. Room air is quietly drawn through the high-efficiency 15 tube heat exchanger and then circulated throughout your home by the powerful 160 CFM blower system. The constant heat provided by your Harvester stove can heat homes up to 2500 sq/ft.
How it works

The Harvester Stove can be easily installed almost anywhere in your home.  The Harvester stove can be vented through a wall or through the roof.  Low clearances to combustibles save valuable floor space and reduce the cost of installation.
The Harvester stove's proven performance makes it the perfect choice for your home heating needs.
The stainless steel burn system and the automat-
ically controlled agitator reduces the build-up of "clinkers" associated with most corn stoves.  The easy access ash drawer makes ash removal a breeze.  A 75 lb. capacity hopper extends burn times.  5 heat settings allows you to set the heat output to the desired room temperature.  Just set it and forget it.
Quality Construction...
All Harvester Stoves are manufactured to strict quality standards proven with over 25 years of manufacturing top of the line home heating appliances.  Using the best materials available, and heavy steel construction, the Harvester stove will provide years of lasting performance.  Don't settle for less than the best.
Solid stainless steel fire pot
15 tube heat exchangers
Burns corn or wood pellets
Air wash help keep glass clean
Environmentally safe
Heavy 370 lb. construction
75 lb. capacity hopper
3" vent
Moble home approved
Canadian approved
Beautiful bay tront design
Optional 24K gold plated door,
trim, and Queen Ann legs.
97% combustion efficiency
Safty tested to UL 1492,
Low clearance
60,000 BTU/hr.
Stainless steel agitator reduces
clinker formation
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